A Dog's Tale

Available in Paperback and eBook

Man’s Best Friend Finally Speaks

Pepper describes, with canine insight and wit, his many adventures primarily in Manhattan and Philadelphia, along with vacations spots to the north and south, with his human companion Ron, who is permitted to insert occasional observations of his own. Fundamentally, it is a story about Pepper and Ron’s relationship, and the special bond between two species. It is a book for every dog-lover and for all those who aren’t but who want or need to understand those of us who are.


“…a charming, heartwarming story of the life of a miniature schnauzer, named Pepper… as told from his vantage point of 6 inches off the ground, chronicles his experiences….with his beloved human companion ‘The Old Man’ or simply TOM….. (including) the exploration of the cement jungles of NYC and the tiny neighborhood food stores; romping illegally off-leash in Central Park, dodging the mounted Police, vacationing on the East Coast with all manner of wildlife to chase, and suffering the indignities of nightly fur-brushing and the horrors of The Groomer’s office, all related in Pepper’s amusing “dog”-gerel…. This delightful book is perfect for all pet lovers.” —The Californian Book Review

“As a dog lover, but never a full-time companion, it is delightful to finally understand the wonderful experiences, interactions and bonds shared by a pup and his human partner. A Dog’s Tale takes one on a fun, heart-warming – and at times “doggone” challenging and comical – life-long adventure lovingly shared by Pepper and Ron. Pepper is full of colorful opinions about humans and day-to-day experiences, so be prepared for lots of eye-opening ‘dogma!’”  —Gene F.

“I just finished reading this book and LOVED it! Anyone who has ever owned a pet will giggle all the way thru…. I’m sure our pets think those thoughts about us, their “masters,” theoretically! Good job, author Ron Wormser!” —Margie M.

“Congratulations on your sensitive, loving book.”  —Ruth A.

“I loved A Dog’s Tale. Congratulations on authoring a truly wonderful read about a unique, loving companionship. The format was great and everything flowed naturally. I laughed out loud and, of course, wept at the end, which you wrote so eloquently.” —Shaun F.

“…Pepper regales with tales of his owner (who lives in Carmel) getting kicked out of grocery stores in Philly because of Pepper, and his distaste for St. Patrick’s Day in New York….” —Walter Ryce, Monterey County Weekly, 4.13.17


Remember, this is Pepper speaking:

Tricks of the Trade

Very early on in our lives together, usually after we have mastered what you so misleadingly call ‘housebreaking’, you begin a strange but persistent endeavor to teach us certain what you call ‘tricks’.

Well, let me teach you a thing or two about this subject.

First and foremost what to you is a trick, to us is a tedious chore to master simply to get a meager morsel of, get this, ‘reward’.  It is food damn it – pure and simple.

Worse, your tricks are boring. I mean, really boring. After all: Sit? Stay? Roll over? Play dead? Shake hands? Dull, dull, dull. No prize for imagination or creativity here.

Considering what we are capable of learning and doing as so-called working dogs assisting some of you in your daily lives, herding cattle or sheep,  detecting drugs or other substances to keep you safe…..given our capabilities, how do you think we feel when all you want to teach us is to sit, stay and roll over?!?

Stop and think about it from our perspective. Just how exciting do you think shaking hands is to a dog? When was the last time you saw us greet each other by shaking each other’s paws?

The point is: Why do you insist on trying to get us to mimic your behavior? I don’t see you copying ours.  Not that I wouldn’t truly love to see you meet a friend on the street and immediately start sniffing each other’s tail.

And ‘sit’?  Spoiler alert: We already know how to sit! We also know how to run, jump, roll over and a bunch of other things that come naturally to us. That’s part of who we are, of what we do. It’s baked into our DNA.

Want to know the ugly truth: you aren’t teaching us anything we don’t already know. What you are trying to get us to do is to perform and to perform on your demand. It’s a control thing.

Want to know the beautiful truth: we let you play this game out of our deep sense of compassion and reciprocity. You give us a home, you feed and care for us, you keep us warm and safe and you make us feel not just wanted but loved. The least we can do in return is to perform even silly tricks if and when asked. Besides, it seems to please you so much!

But a little more imagination and challenge would certainly be appreciated.