About the Authors

Ron Wormser and Pepper
Ron (left) and Pepper

Pepper was a Miniature Schnauzer who lived with his human companion Ron for 13 wonderful years. Smart, curious and spunky as befitting his breed, he relished having new adventures. Whether it was tearing open packages at home or prowling the streets of New York, being set free from his leash in Central Park in Manhattan or in the New Hampshire woods, Pepper was an extraordinarily gleeful explorer and adventurer.

Ron is a retired executive who worked in the nonprofit sector in the Northeast. Since retiring and relocating to the West Coast in 2007, he has been giving back to the nonprofit sector as a consultant, executive coach and board member. Writing has been one of his retirement avocations.

More About Pepper & Ron


Despite an already full and delightful life, in his ninth year Pepper was challenged – no, instructed – to begin writing about his life in and on the streets of Manhattan.  To his considerable surprise, he found himself enjoying writing about his New York life and his adventures with Ron a great deal. The enjoyment survived their move to Philadelphia and continued for the rest of his years. His mission was to replace the myths and theories about a dog’s life with tales drawn from his own experiences – tales written from his unique perspective and – as you will discover – with considerable wit.


Ron enjoyed a 40-year career in executive positions in higher education, international student exchanges, administrative support for international applied agricultural research centers and a classical music training and performing arts institution.  With his wife, Marian, he retired and relocated from the East Coast to the Monterey Peninsula in 2007, where he maintains an active consulting practice with local nonprofits.

In his 70s, he is indulging his long-delayed interest in writing with the publication by BoardSource in 2015 of Informed Fundraising, a primer for decision-makers responsible for raising funds for nonprofits.  Now with A Dog’s Tale, a joint undertaking begun some years ago with his beloved Miniature Schnauzer, Pepper, his second book makes its debut.  It is a story told almost entirely from Pepper’s perspective about his life first in New York City and then in Philadelphia, with occasional contributions from Ron.